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3D printed Radio Controller - Arduino&NRF24

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This is the aprt list for this project. Make sure you use the same values for all the components. Check all connections and then uplaod the code and test it. You ahev the parts for the transmitter and receiver.


For transmitter We need: 
1 x Arduino NANO/UNO: LINK eBay
1 x 3S BMS: LINK eBay
1 x DC connector: LINK eBay
1 x buck/boost converter: LINK eBay
1 x small buck converter: LINK eBay
3 x 18650 battery: LINK eBay
2 x joystick: LINK Aliexpress
2 x toggle switch: LINK eBay
2 x potentiometer: LINK eBay
1 x i2c OLED screen: LINK eBay
1 x NRF24+PA radio module: LINK eBay
9 x push button: LINK eBay
RESISTORS: 1x1K, 1x2K, 2.2x1K, 3.3x1K, 4.7x1K, 5.1x1K, 6.8x1K, 3x10K, 1x20K: LINK eBay
3D case STL files: DOWNLOAD HERE
wire, solder, soldering-iron, 3D case, etc






For receiver We need: 
1 x Arduino NANO/UNO: LINK eBay
1 x NRF24 radio module: LINK eBay
1 x AMS1117 3.3V regulator: LINK eBay
30 x male pins: LINK eBay
1 x drilled PCB: LINK eBay
1 x 10uF capacitor: LINK eBay
wire, solder, soldering-iron, 3D case, etc


3D printed PLA radio controller tutorial


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