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High Speed Printing on the Tronxy X3 what mods are needed - beefing it up

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Share your info on how you beefed up your Tronxy X3 to print over 100mm/s and what mods you used to beef up the machine. Detailed specs for firmware etc.


For more rigidity I'm looking into the strut diagonal brace mod. I've already done a smaller 3d printed brace mod, files are on thingiverse.


Must do: 


-Z axis adjuster, files are on thingiverse


-Good belt tension is a must. Might as well print some belt tensioners. These are what I'm using:


-To avoid any layer shift, you may want to upgrade/replace your bearings. Especially for the Y axis. Any grit in the factory bearings can and will cause layer shift. 


-I'm using the flip mod. Makes life easier.


-If printing in pla at over 100mm/s or higher your going to need to raise your nozzle temp. I'm printing at 130mm/s in pla with a 245F nozzle temp. Slower speeds in pla, let's say 45mm/s would have a nozzle temp of around 200-215 for my particular filament brand. Any less any you may have poor bonding. I designed a 100mm x 100mm x .3mm test print in fusion that I destroy to test layer bonding. Other test prints are avail. on thingivers. Just be sure your layers are melting together well. Destructive print testing is necessary to test the bonding.


-For the bed I use a glass plate (dollar store picture frame). Hairspray is optional as a bond medium. If the glass is clean, and you compensate in your slicer for any z offset, you may not need hairspray at all. I'm using slic3r for a slicer and I level my bed using a feeler gauge. I have set the z offset in slic3er to the thickness of my feeler gauge, ex. -0.05 for a .05mm feeler gauge.


More bed and frame info:


-My drivers are tmc2130 configured for spi for the x, y, z axis. I use the a4988 driver for the extruder. I'm running the ramps board with an arduino mega 2560.


-I'm running steel wire reinforced belts on my machine, they are much tougher when compared to the factory rubber belts.


- I have a radial blower fan mounted next to my nozzle. Pics are here on cncheaven under blow some air topic.


-My ramps board is configured for the tmc2130 using hybrid mode which uses both stealthchop and spreadcycle. I'll post the firmware setting later if anyone wants them.


tronxy x3 braces.jpg


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