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  1. Got more done today and only have one side left to do.
  2. And a little video to boot.
  3. Got much more done today...
  4. Got started on my new Y axis end plates today. It was easier to make new ones than trying to modify the existing ones. The main difference is the addition of the corner brackets to make it far stiffer. I used some 12mm ply as a waste board and cut 6mm deep grooves into it. This helps me keep the C channel in place for easy changes while maintaining position.
  5. Didn't know that, good to know (and explains why I broke two of them).
  6. I had slowed it to 1000 by the time the second bit broke so you can guess how quick the first one broke at 5000 I am very rusty at the settings since it has been so long since I last made anything,
  7. Made a bracket for my 3D printer
  8. Link to videos you have made, or found interesting done on DIY CNCs.
  9. But eventually I got there with some fairly clean cuts... Probably could cut the tabs down a fraction to make cleanup easier. I used a safety razor to trim the parts and no file. Here are the photos of it fitted. If I was to do it again I think I would remove the metal backing plate altogether and make it part of the holder.
  10. Had an issue with the CAM software. I used the same outside perimeter for the pocket and then the contour. But discovered the pocket wasn't going to the line, so I changed the contour from Left compensation to Right to see if that got rid of the lip, but that just made the part smaller than intended. I then discovered a setting that left +1mm side and bottom, so I put the compensation back to Left and reduced to 0,0 then -1,0 then -2,0 for the final cut. I broke two 3mm cutters in the process, the 5000 feed rate that cut the ply fine was way too much for alloy and broke the first cutter in seconds, so I dropped it back to 1000. I broke another cutter at the point this photo was taken so I reduced the cut depth from 1mm to 0.5mm and eventually down to 0.25mm and a feed rate of 800.
  11. Ok they make sense now, designed to stop nasty shorts in batteries that are prone to going bang.
  12. Did a test cut on new design. Need to get my head around inside and outside CNC cuts again. Thinking I might make the bracket out of 6mm alloy instead of 12mm.
  13. Terminal covers?
  14. Once I am happy with all the sizes and holes I will make it out of 12mm alloy.