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  1. I like how you took close up pictures of your project, thanks for sharing!
  2. Real cool for kids
  3. sea foam can also be a little brighter than this very light teal green but this is the closest to the actual color I can find It works with very well with dark brown and black backgrounds.
  4. Thanks Bob, I would like to really start getting into making these things, they are really cool to look at. I have a mini train I am going to do next
  5. Seafoam has got to be my new favorite filament color now, its soft and has a nice easy to the eye color. (Good for bathroom soap dishes)
  6. Just in time before Halloween
  7. This is the next project, these little cookie tin dioramas are awesome for shelf displays, gotta get printing!
  8. Robotic surgery is routinely used for all surgeries, but it has stated to become a common replacement for traditional open surgery in many specialty fields, mostly in urology and gynecology. The Da Vinci robot is very skillful and performs prostatectomies, nephrectomies, and hysterectomies, and the more recently the talk around the hospitals it's also increasingly being used for cardiac valve repair and other seriously complex surgeries.
  9. This is a cool idea for kids, dark green PLA would have been better but awesome design.
  10. That's for sure! Amazing the things that will be coming in new developments in robotics.
  11. According to 7MF ; IBM Watson, the company’s advanced artificial intelligence program is transforming healthcare into a quantifiable service where every bit of information is available. By using it, physicians only have to go through their personalized reports instead of reading through dozens of papers for every patient’s case. It has been used in oncology and radiology so far. Although in recent news has stated IBM making Watson available at US clinics could boost the whole idea of physicians needing help from algorithms. The so-called Watson for Genomics helps advance precision medicine by combining cognitive computing with genomic tumor sequencing. We need to prepare IBM Watson for broader uses in 2017. Although, it does not answer medical questions directly it does base on patients’ data it comes up with the most relevant and likely medical outcomes. However, physicians will make the final call. Computer assistance can only facilitate the work of physicians, it will definitely not replace it.