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  2. check 'em out!
  3. Olive RC and Danny Huynh Creations:
  4. If you're installing accessories such as Led's or remotely switched devices, you may need a dc to dc voltage regulator. They can be purchased on ebay for around 50 cents each with free shipping. The voltage is easily adjusted via the onboard mini potentiometer (dc volt meter required to view voltage level). Ceramic screwdrivers are cheap an recommended.
  5. If you are new to 3D printing you can find a range of information on our website under the 3D printing section. You'll also find and extensive amount of information on using Fusion 360 cad for modeling. Useful links on our site: and
  6. For those with 3D printers, you can find content on thingiverse -----> Here are some popular prints:
  7. Banggood wpl upgrades:
  8. Got a new wpl and need to learn how to solder to mod/upgrade the electronics? Click below for info on how to master soldering with one of the internets best soldering teachers.
  9. Here are some useful and/or necessary items. The flysky transmitters are quite good and there are several types to choose from. The one in the pic is a hacked/dasmikro 8ch fs-gt3c with a flysky fs-r6b receiver. The little circuit board in the silver bag is a buck converter dc to dc regulator for adding led's etc. They can be found on ebay for as little as 50 cents. The sound module is a sense innovations ess one plus 2017 version. The mini metal gear servo is almost bomb proof, it's an EMAX ESO8MAII.
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  11. From the Internet:
  12. Here are some from pinterest and facebook.
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  15. The videos in this thread must be RC related but don't necessarily have to be cnc related. Post your favorite RC videos and enjoy.
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